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What is ADHD coaching

ADHD clients seek a coach for a variety of reasons; to find ways to achieve certain goals, make important changes, and understand what gets in their way. As defined by the ADDCA: “Certified ADHD Coaches have specialized training working with those affected by ADHD. They have the background understanding, listening skills and ability to explore the complexities of ADHD with the client.” It is an action-oriented partnership that encourages self-responsibility with the purpose of optimizing potential. ADHD coaching is not psychological therapy or counseling, rather, it emphasizes a “special skill set that empowers clients to manage their attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity” (PAAC). It can be extremely useful in conjunction with mental health and medical support.


ADHD coaching centers around a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you reflect and discover as you work with Elizabeth to develop skills to manage the daily challenges of life with ADHD. By exploring the positive side of your unique ADHD brain, you can build systems and habits to move forward and build on successes. With Elizabeth as your coach, you will explore how to become more effective at home, at work, and at play. 


You select the session topics, and Elizabeth provides the structure, asks questions, makes observations and provides feedback and consistent accountability. During your sessions, you will partner with her to reach your goals as you discover and share your intentions, desires and the obstacles preventing you from reaching them. You’ll work toward decreasing self-blame and negative talk, building confidence and hope, creating new awareness, and increasing positive experiences. 


In addition to developing strategies around academic, personal, and professional challenges, you will develop basic strategies around:


  • Healthy eating habits to maintain energy and balance

  • Healthy sleep habits to optimize learning and clear thinking

  • Exercise plans to regulate and manage symptoms

  • Environmental organization to increase productivity and positive energy

  • Self-awareness and methods for maintaining personal connections

  • Emotional awareness to help you pause, laugh and have fun

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